Corporate Social Responsibility

All businesses must look at how it impacts the community in which it operates, the environment and the people it employs, whilst creating a sustainable future. Biggin Hill Airport has developed a CSR programme that recognises these important areas.

Our Business

Biggin Hill Airport is a growing business that strives to be London’s preeminent full-service business aviation airport and understands the importance of a proactive Corporate Social Responsibility approach. We believe that when our business prospers so too does our local community

Our People

We will ensure that all of our people are kept safe at all times in a secure and respectful environment whilst supporting their personal developments and well-being. They will be encouraged to utilise their diverse skills on a voluntary basis within the community and to embrace our environmental goals.

Our Environment

To achieve our primary environmental goal to become carbon neutral, for the areas we control, by 2029.

Our Community

To build a trusted relationship with our local communities, encourage an open dialogue to seek an understanding of issues important to the community and how we can work together for the benefit of the community as a whole.