Ben Akhtar, the 18-year old winner of the second Nick Davidson Flying Scholarship award for 2017, which has been funded by Biggin Hill Airport Ltd, was invited recently to the Adams Aviation Supply Co showroom in New Addington to receive items of ?professional pilot kit that will help him on his way as a student.
Stephen Gosling, MD at Adams Aviation, presented Ben with a top-of-the-range David Clark pilot?s headset; the latest version of the navigation pad that straps to the knee for recording navigation data in flight and the modern style flight bag used for carrying maps, charts and other pilot navigation information.
Back at Biggin Hill Airport the next day, Ben was trying out the new kit in the cockpit. He said that he was very grateful to Adams Aviation for their high quality gifts, observing that the David Clark headset was extremely comfortable to wear.
Adams Aviation Supply Co are supporting sponsors to the Nick Davidson Memorial Flying Scholarship (NDMFS) scheme, together with Shipping & Airlines, the aircraft maintenance facility and the Bamrah family of ?Falcon Flying Services. To date, Ben has flown two hours on his PPL course and commenced studies for the nine ground examinations.? He is required to pass the Air Law exam before his first solo flight and this now has priority.

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