Biggin Bears Delight at Rainbow Preschool

London 😕The kids of Rainbow Preschool were treated to a visit from a group of Biggin Bears, the furry mascots of London Biggin Hill Airport, who were escorted by Senior Airport Fire Officer, Andy Mellers.
Julie Cranenburgh and Jan Billet, who run Rainbow preschool, staffed the Lost Kids tent as this year?s 100th anniversary Festival of Flight with their team of 12 volunteers: Jo Hall, Margaret Kadshaw, Susie Atkinson, Steve Cranenburgh, Fiona Turner, Mandi Foster, Lois Wicking, Lexie Whiddett, Scilla Penman, Heidi Thomas, Shona Kerry, Rob and Tracy Lewis.
Julie said, ?We have enjoyed being part of such a large local event for the last two years.? Thankfully, due to the large number of security staff and the increased use of security bands provided for the children by Biggin Hill Airport, our tent has not been too busy.?
Bethany Russell, who leads external affairs at Biggin Hill Airport, said: ?Rainbow Preschool?s efforts over the last two years have been invaluable. The safety of the kids at the Festival of Flight is paramount and the team provided assurance that the more nomadic tykes at the show were in good hands. My kids go to Rainbow Preschool (as did I ? a while ago now!) and it is a wonderful part of the local community. It was a real pleasure having them at the show.?
This year celebrated the 100th anniversary of Biggin Hill Airport.

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