Foreign Object Damage

London Biggin Hill Airport has teamed up with its Aerospace Business Partners, to conduct its annual FOD walk of 2020. Working in conjunction with JOTA Aviation, Signature Flight Support and Civils, the team of 20, still working at the airport to maintain its operational capability, conducted a walk of the Aerodrome to identify and retrieve any foreign objects that pose risk to Aircraft and Ground crew working in airside areas of the Airport.

Head of Safety and Compliance for Biggin Hill Airport Ben Spiers stated “Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is one of many risks that cause the industry in excess of £3 billion every year. Working with our tenants is key to ensuring the risks of FOD are managed to ensure the safety of aircraft departing and arriving at the airport”. Several items of FOD were retrieved from the 2 hour “FOD Plod “on the aerodrome; many of which were close to the aerodrome boundary fence as a result of general littering my members of the public.

Ben continued to say “The Aerodrome is continually inspected by our operational teams who are responsible for the safety on the airfield, however, all persons, even members of the public can assist in keeping the airfield safe. If you see something, then you should report it to a member the Airport Team, who can investigate accordingly.” London Biggin Hill Airport is still open, despite COVID-19 restrictions, for essential business travel only.

The safety of all our passengers and guests is our number one priority during this time, so it is appropriate to ensure safety standards aren’t reduced as a result of the current restrictions.

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