International Women in Engineering Day

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, we spoke to some of the brilliant engineering professionals based here at London Biggin Hill.

Amy is a Continuous Improvement Specialist at Bombardier and kindly answered some questions about her role in engineering.

Could you please provide an insight into what you do at Bombardier

My role as Continuous Improvement Specialist includes managing the governance, performance and operational excellence within the organisation. This is a brand new role which has been introduced across all of the service centres, in order to allow a team of people to support the organisation in the continuous improvement initiatives.

What made you choose Bombardier as the next step in your career, and what was your inspiration for going into the business aviation/engineering industry in the first place?

I have a passion for aviation, having started off as Cabin Crew and then moving into the engineering world – it was eye opening and a challenge. I have worked within Commercial MROs and Military, and I have always been interested in business aviation and the opportunity to work for a world class organisation arose and I thought now was the opportunity to move into this sector.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

The role is brand new so it is an exciting opportunity to build something and contribute towards improvements and initiatives within the organisation.

Prior to your career in engineering, as a female what was your perception of the industry compared to what it is now?

Aviation engineering has always been a heavily male dominated industry. However, working within the industry and seeing more women/encouraging more women to join the industry has been very positive. It has been great showing that there are progression opportunities and anyone can work their way up within the industry, no matter where they start or what gender they are.

What advice would you give to someone looking to enter the industry or a similar role to you at Bombardier?

Work hard and be ambitious, don’t shy away from challenges and make sure you try different areas of the business so you can really find where you belong.

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