London Biggin Hill – Sustainability Statement

London Biggin Hill Airport’s leadership team have signed a sustainability statement committing to be fully carbon neutral by 2029.

The statement, signed together by CEO David Winstanley, and newly appointed Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability, Colin Hitchins, outlines the airport’s approach to reaching this objective.

David Winstanley, CEO, London Biggin Hill Airport, says: “Signing our sustainability statement marks a positive step in our journey to becoming a carbon neutral airport.   

“We have set ambitious but necessary targets and will doing everything in our power to make the best use of natural resources and minimise the airport’s impact on the local, regional, and international environment.”

Hitchins adds: “With this statement we are making a pledge to hold ourselves, our employees, and resident businesses accountable to ensuring all future development projects and all activities at our airport are undertaken in a sustainable manner.

“Central to achieving our objectives is involving our airport colleagues and community fully. As such, we encourage all staff to bring forward new ideas and will be engaging in several local environmental initiatives over the coming months.”

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