Biggin Hill Jobs ! The airport has been ranked as London?s fastest growing airport for business aviation. To meet this unprecedented demand, a number of vacancies have arisen in our Rescue and Firefighting Service, affording you the opportunity to apply for the role of Firefighter/Duty Crew.
The role of an Airport Firefighter is an interesting, varied and at times, challenging one. You will be a key player in a small team of professionals dedicated to their service. The job demands individuals to think quickly, make sound decisions and act confidently when the need arises. Following your basic training course at the International Fire Training Centre, you will be assigned to a Watch where you will build on your knowledge and maintain your competencies through our comprehensive on-station training programme. You will be trained in the use of breathing apparatus, large goods vehicle driving and first aid, all of which will equip you with the vital skills required to deal with routine emergency situations on and off the airport. You will also be responsible for the servicing and maintenance of fire service equipment and general cleanliness of the fire station and surrounding areas.

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