London Biggin Hill Airport welcomes new aerospace students

London Biggin Hill Airport hosted aerospace students from London South East Colleges? first Aerospace and Engineering courses, which launched last week.
As part of ongoing efforts to encourage more young people to pursue careers in the sector, London Biggin Hill is also working in partnership with the college, the London Borough of Bromley and Bombardier to establish a new London Aerospace & Technology College on-site at the airport. The initiative will address the shortage of aerospace engineers and the wider skills needs of the aviation industry.
Hosting the students and providing the tour, Andy Patsalides, marketing manager at London Biggin Hill Airport, says: ?We are always delighted to be hosting the aerospace students who are pursuing a career in aerospace and engineering, and show them the rich heritage and exciting innovation that exists side-by-side at a site such as London Biggin Hill Airport.
?Highly skilled engineers have excellent salary prospects and job satisfaction, and employment in the aviation sector is at a record high: as London Biggin Hill is in the process of expanding, I envisage there will be excellent opportunities for these and other students in the future.?
Student Kaisin Dawe adds: ?The tour has been enlightening, and has given me a much clearer idea of what it will be like working on real aircraft when I finish my course. I would love to come and work at London Biggin Hill Airport when I?ve completed my Level 3 qualifications, and with the opportunities soon to be available through its expansion, my chances of achieving this dream are very real.?

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