Noise and Track Keeping​

Biggin Hill Airport is committed to being an asset to the local community but It is inevitable that if you live near to an airport that you will certainly hear aircraft.

Biggin Hill Airport is required to produce and review a noise action plan (NAP) under the terms of the Environmental Noise regulations 2006. This plan

How to Track and Report an Aircraft

  • Locate your address on the map
  • Display individual planes as they take off or land at London Biggin Hill, detailing the type of plane, height of the flight as well as the noise levels recorded for that flight
  • Look at specific flights over different day and time periods
  • Track a specific flight and make a complaint about it.
  • Webtrak includes Digital Elevation Model (DEM) which takes into account the elevation of the property being overflown. When DEM is enabled, the point of closest approach is calculated using a digital map that knows the elevation above mean sea level of a geographical area.
  • The flight data for Webtrak is taken directly from the National Air Traffic Services (NATS) radar that is used to direct aircraft at London Biggin Hill and the surrounding airports. The accuracy of the system has been verified by the Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Please note that there is a delay of 25 minutes on the flights shown on Webtrak. We advise that you set your web browser to 80%
    You can still call our noise line on 01959 578580

Personal details, name, address and/or email address entered into the system when making a complaint will be shared with the London Borough of Bromley. This data will not be shared with any other third parties.

Point of Closest Approach

You can locate your home on the map to see more information about the aircraft that is causing you concern.

This will enable you to:

  • See the closest point that the aircraft came to your home
  • The distance from your home on the ground to the aircraft
  • The height of the aircraft
  • The time the aircraft passed
    The angle from the ground

Locating Your Home

Click on the house symbol and a new box will appear.

Enter your address or select “Locate on Map”.

To locate on map simply click on the point of the map where your home is situated.

Aircraft Location Information

Click on any aircraft then the “Home” button in the box that appears.

A new box will open with the aircraft location information relative to your home.

If one box is covering the other simply drag it to one side using your mouse.

Historical and Current Information

The bottom left box has three tabs, FLIGHTS, DISPLAY and PREFS.


You then have two options:

  • Show current flights
  • Historical

If you select Historical the bar chart below becomes active, click on any day and the set button and data for that day and time are loaded onto the map and can be played using the play, pause and scroll bar.

Current flights are shown with a 45 minute delay for security purposes.

Reporting an Aircraft

Click on the aircraft.

Click on the icon indicated above.

Click on Yes to report this aircraft or for all other complaints use the Make a general complaint button then follow the instructions.