Environmental Goals

Our Environment

Before we set our goals to reduce the impact we have on our environment we need to measure the impact. To help us do this and to ensure we have an audit trail that is independently verified we have signed up to the Airports Carbon Accreditation scheme that has been established since 2009. the scheme supports airports around the world to reach the ultimate goal of becoming carbon neutral. Here at Biggin Hill we have set our goal to reach carbon neutral status by 2029.

There are four stages:


Determine emissions sources within the boundary of the airport company. Calculate the annual carbon emissions. Compile a Carbon footprint report. Engage an independent third party to verify the carbon footprint. 


Management procedures. Show that reduction targets have been achieved. 


Widen the scope of carbon footprint to include third party emissions. Engage third parties at and around the airport.


Offset remaining emissions to achieve carbon neutral operations for all emissions over which the airport has control.